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The fashion label Klomy Design

Klomy Design - sustainable fashion made from high-quality fabrics

Unmistakable and self-confident

Klomy Design is the fashion label for women who dare. Women who love colors and patterns, who want to emphasize their femininity and go through life with self-confidence - at Klomy Design these women will find what they cannot find anywhere else. Klomy design is unmistakable. The mixture of joie de vivre and longevity is simply unique! But Klomy Design also offers unusual models for men who are looking for something special.

Ethical fashion made from natural fabrics - long-lasting, ecologically produced

Klomy Design is a fashion label with its feet in Ivory Coast and a heart for sustainability. It stands for high-quality workmanship and durability. All fabrics are made from natural materials, are extraordinarily durable and survive every fast fashion caper. Klomy design is fashion that is conceived to last for years to come. Some of the fabrics are already certified with an eco-label and the number is increasing.

The Wealth of Africa

The founder of the company, Solange Koffi, has excellent contacts with her home continent, Africa. She knows where the weaving mills are, which still produce fabrics with a lot of love and manual work that are no longer known from conventional industrial production. Many of the fabrics that are processed into unique fashion at Klomy Design come from this lively and pattern-strong continent.

Ethical and sustainable - fashion with a clear conscience


The Klomy Design collection is sewn in small series by well-trained seamstresses. You work in small teams so that there is no boring assembly line work. Everyone bears responsibility, works under fair conditions and is paid fairly.


Slow fashion – when less is more

Klomy design is slow fashion. Company founder Solange Koffi says: "It's better to have just three good skirts than ten cheap ones." This sentence sums up the entire company philosophy, which does justice to this fun-loving fashion brand. With its company philosophy, Klomy Design wants to contribute to protecting nature and using resources carefully. Klomy Design contributes to a positive change in awareness of nature and sustainability.

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